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Peoples’ and machines’ ability to work and learn autonomously is growing faster and faster making traditional workplace and management thinking redundant. How you design work and define workplace management is key to the dynamics of your people and business tomorrow. Join our social learning community embracing the hybrid workplace. 



Redesigning Work

Work is no longer a physical place; it’s a mental challenge with digital solutions executed in a volatile, uncertain and complex world. Tomorrow workplace is a key differentiator and a strategic mission to unlock creativity and well-being with digital force.



Redefining Workplace

Workplace used to be about real estate: owners and occupiers. Now it’s about users and a holistic view of people and culture. A paradigm shift from WHERE we work to HOW we work is pushing companies to rethink workplace management with a user mindset. 

Hybrid Workplace

It’s time we start the tomorrow workplace dialogue and what better theme to start with than hybrid workplace.  Why? Not because we think the office is dying, but because we need to keep pushing human productivity and collaboration to the next level. The way we...

Is your digital strategy culture proof?

This is the digital age and all businesses have a digital strategy. As always some choose to lead while others are content to follow. Sounds like a classic game of strategy except it isn’t. Not anymore. Turning digital is like crossing the ocean instead of your...

On-site / Events

Tomorrow People & Culture Summit

10.9.2020, Helsinki – Live and Online

Tomorrow Workplace & Facility Summit

8.-9.12.2020, Helsinki – Live and Online

Tomorrow Workplace & Facility Summit

8.-9.12.2020, Helsinki – Live and Online

Tomorrow People & Culture Summit

11.4.2021, Helsinki – Live and Online

Online / Training

Academy of Sustainable Growth

People, Planet, Profit

In our community we believe that human creativity and business productivity can grow endlessly by focusing on well-being, innovation and sustainability. We believe that a new community driven workplace architecture is needed as a platform for infinite sustainable growth. Join Pioneers of Work in redefining workplace and redesigning management to fuel the rise of autonomous people and high-performance teams.

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