About Rework

We are a coworking pioneer organisation founded in 2014 in Helsinki.

We set out to develop coworking into a profitable and scalable business but quickly realised that the real estate operation side took us in the wrong direction and didn’t support our aims for adding real value to our startup, collaboration and innovation platform.

In 2015 we started Rework as an event to push our learning to new heights and give us access to leading minds in the industry. Rework became the leading workplace event in Finland and in 2020 we are rebranding it to Tomorrow Workplace Summit.

That enables us to grow Rework into a corporate coworking community and service

Integrated Employee Experience Services


We produce international workplace events in Helsinki and lead the global tomorrow workplace community online. Tomorrow People & Culture Summit is directed at HR professionals and Tomorrow Workplace Summit is for FM and RE people. Our community fills the gap in between something that is also manifested in each event. We recommend our members to attend both our main events.


Tomorrow workplace requires cross disciplinary people and skills to transform and manage it as a strategic asset in the digital age.  Corporate coworking is a model for operating the tomorrow workplace and the Chief Workplace Officer is a person heading that service. We are building an online curriculum for the emerging CWO role and coporate coworking.


We help organisations elevate their workplaces into integrated corporate coworking services and act as strategic CWO partner for top management. We develop and operate innovation and growth ecosystems around vertical hubs. For more information visit our Fintech Farm which is the fintech and finance innovation hub of Finland. Partners there include organisations like Visa, Nordea, Citi and Deloitte.


We see ourselves primarily as a community as we believe the best results come from shared learning across organisations. We operate a cross-disciplinary network for companies to collaborate and share knowledge and resources on building the tomorrow workplace and employing corporate coworking as the social interface and strategic operating system for integrated employee experience.

A Decade of Coworking


Founded in 2009 Hub Helsinki was the first coworking space in Helsinki and part of the global Impact Hub network. As most hubs back then, it was in trouble too. In 2013 we took over it and created a turn-around plan, which turned out to be just too late. We founded HUB13 instead. Yes, we started on Kaisaniemenkatu 13, but more importantly we wanted a number that stuck and raised questions.


HUB13 was the first serious coworking business in Helsinki with an aim to combine great space service and experience with startup services. From 2016 onwards coworking entered the mainstream and knowing first hand that the Real Estate business model didn’t yet scale, we closed our space in 2017 to focus on building the leading Nordic fintech ecosystem service. 


Our digitally scalable vision of space as a service was formed in 2017 and can best be described as AirnBnB for offices. The 2020’s will be about coworking entering the corporate workplace to enable integrated employee experience in the digital age. Coworking service forms the foundation of tomorrow workplace connecting strategy with people and culture giving competitive advantage.

Ola Sundell

Community builder

As people operations and space operations exist in their own silos, there’s a growing need for a community to fill the gap. Tomorrow workplace is a new strategic service delivering integrated employee experience socially, digitally and physically. 

ola(at)hub13.fi / +358 40 549 4755

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