Learn how to transform and run your workplace like an integrated digital and physical community!

Want productive and happy people in your organisation? Remember, a company is not an engine of repetitive work but a continuously changing community of individuals!

Since people and work started to matter, modern organisations have sought to take a holistic approach to management. As a result we now have the so called triple bottom line that guides businesses to make economically, environmentally and socially sound decisions.

Workplace management has traditionally been about managing real estate. Taking a holistic approach to workplace management means shifting our focus from space efficiency to people productivity. 

This requires integrating HR, IT and RE around managing a new workplace culture delivering well-being, happiness and experiences in a distributed world of work.

Pioneers of Work is our digital learning platform where we share skills and knowledge on how to scale productivity and happiness in the workplace through integrated community management.

You can access our community around one or both of our two modules for 4 months each depending on when you register. Our preferred model is annual membership with full access to both modules for one person from each department (HR, FM, IT). 

Our modules are: 

A. Workforce – Distributed Leadership & Culture
Includes online access to Tomorrow People & Culture Summit

B. Workplace – Integrated Community & Space
Includes online access to Tomorrow Workplace Summit



Want to access our digital learning platform for managing an integrated digital and physical community culture around workplace and workforce?

You will enjoy online access to our events and resources around Tomorrow People & Culture Summit and/or Tomorrow Workplace Summit. By purchasing both events in one package each event can also be attended by different representative of your company (or several if you buy more than one membership). It includes a continuously improving online learning, networking, collaboration and sharing platform with option to upgrade to inspirational F2F events and meetings too.

Membership Pass

  • Access the digital platform for interacting with other members of the community
  • Engage in talks and knowledge sharing on the closed and facilitated community platform
  • Meet partners and service providers in person to research benefits of new digital solutions
  • Join Expert Tables for talks around interesting topics and put your ideas and questions to experts directly 
  • Get offerings aimed especially at the community and access them online whenever you want
  • Attend live events and community meetups online for insight and live interaction
  • Enjoy a growing library of online resources like interviews and recorded talks, articles and podcasts
  • Get a diploma for completing each module and build systematically a Chief Workplace Officer skill set

Complete 1-3 online modules on:

A. Workforce

1. Virtual Leadership

2. Distributed Workforce

3. Employee Engagement

B. Workplace

1. Integrated Workplace

2. New Ways of Working

3. Workplace Experience



Community partnership is for strategic marketing and sales collaboration around one or two digital learning modules and physical events (spring and/or autumn).

As a Community Partner you get:

  • A place in the community as a preferred service in virtual leadership, distributed workforce or workplace experience
  • 10 month (2 events) access to our community platform where all our members and partners meet
  • an engagement plan to ensure active digital campaigning around your offering before, during and after events
  • The right to invite potential customers for one event (2,5 months) to enjoy the benefits of the community
  • An official role in the published event agenda based on the level of expertise you engage with
  • An opportunity to host virtual Expert Tables with us around your product/service prior to the event
  • As the community and engagement are virtual we are able to extend Expert Tables to participants outside the event
  • Arrange one-to-one meetings and talks with community members and partners before (3 months), during and after (2 months) the event

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