Worktech is the future of work

Often you hear people debating whether it’s technology that’s driving change or enabling change at work. Well it’s doing both. Hence the exponential curve pioneering companies are with productivity. But to be where they are you will have to rethink everything and truly turn native with technology. That means doing business primarily without human contact (remotely).

So let’s settle this once and for all. When it comes to business productivity and human vs. technology is not a chicken or egg problem. Technology is the chicken that lays the egg. If you want your competitiveness and productivity to grow, your only choice is to start with technology. Yes, culture, leadership and strategy are important but they come every day further behind in second place. Again, this is if you’re after growth which of course a surprising number of companies are not. The Coronavirus epidemic is a great example: businesses that have built their business on technology and the internet, will be able to continue operating to a large part uninterrupted.

Complement growth minds with tech

Growth starts with having the right people do the right things. Although it’s a fact old as the pyramids, as manager you have to update it’s meaning in to the digital age. So read it carefully and repeat it if you have to. It means you have to let people do what their good at and not distract them by overmanaging them. You can’t expect people to be at their best if they have to first learn to do everything your way. For talented people to find their peak performance, you have to give them the space and tools to be sufficiently independent of you. With the right people, you will see magical things happen in the digital age with hundreds of big and small possibilities for individual productivity improvements. Flex or (its ancient form) distance work lays the foundations for productivity in the digital age. Something technology has driven forward all 21st century, but people have resisted. We still insist office is the place of work.

Worktech is the future of work in that it is the technology making work truly smart. Smart work is smart primarily in that it will make old school management redundant and allow people to focus on the things that really matter with the limited time available. The thing to grasp is that your next ideal candidate could be anywhere in the world thanks to the universal application of the best technologies widely available. Technology drives businesses to start employing people 100% remotely.

Worktech drives wellbeing at work

For anybody reading the news it should be clear that whatever we do to promote wellbeing at work, it’s not enough. The cost of stress, burnout and depression to companies and society are rising. For US alone, we’re talking hundreds of billions annually. Not to mention the struggle we people go through because we have to accept that none of us is immune to mental illnesses.

This is not something we should blame managers for because none of us can do everything. The key is to employ technology to enable preventive measures by individuals themselves and the appropriate professionals. Technology drives us to shift our focus to preventive measures instead of curative by removing unnecessary management steps.

The list of examples goes on. Right now we put far too much focus on AI instead of turning our basic work digitally native with existing technology.

Ola Sundell

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